• Small Group Training

  • Have you ever considered personal training but thought that it might cost too much or be overwhelming? There are many benefits of personal training. A personal trainer will help you set goals for yourself and keep you accountable to attaining those goals. A trainer will also help educate you on weight management and strength training, two things that should be part of your overall program. Trainers help you establish a lifestyle not just short term goals. Most importantly your trainer will help make working out fun!

    I have had great success putting together small groups of like abilities and goals. It helps keep the cost down for you, holds you accountable to showing up at the club and working out on a regular schedule, and finally meeting the goals you have set for yourself at a time that is convenient to you.

    I have helped people reach many different goals.

    •    Weight loss- learn about calorie intake, nutrition, and keeping a food journal
    •    Increased strength and flexibility
    •    Feeling more secure and confident about yourself
    •    Sports specific goals such as running a 5k, half marathon, marathon or maybe even your first triathlon

    My experience is that people who meet in small groups get the benefit of personal attention from a trainer while getting the support from a small group of peers who have similar goals and abilities. The group dynamic is unintimidating and adds to the fun factor.

    If this kind of training sounds good to you please contact me and I will help get you started on a fun and rewarding workout program. You are welcome to ask your own friends or family (even non members are eligible for personal training) or I would be happy to try and find others with your similar goals to be part of your small group.