• In Home Training

  • I am now available for In Home Personal Training. I will come to your home with all of the equipment necessary to give you a total body workout!  This approach provides you convenience and maximizes your time to focus on your health & fitness goals.

    For those of you with weight loss goals we will discuss healthy nutrition, learn how to keep a food journal, establish proper portion sizes, and develop good eating habit skills. We will also determine why you eat when you aren’t hungry and how to change these eating habits.

    For those with strength or sports specific goals we will develop personalized training plans to meet your goals.  Your workout will be designed to build strength, endurance, and flexibility specific to your needs.  The workouts will center on cardio and dynamic strength training.  My training will also include learning appropriate nutrition skills and developing a mental approach to fulfill your goals.

    All of my workouts include an active warm up, balance drills, a main fitness set, and a cool-down/stretching routine.  For most people this workout will take 60 minutes.

    I have helped numerous clients meet weight loss, strength, body tone and event specific (triathlon) goals, from beginners to elite athletes.  I look forward to helping you meet your health and fitness goals and be ‘Fit for Life’!