• Experience the benefits of personal training in a small group. I organize classes of like abilities and goals to make customized fitness more affordable and accountable. It is unintimidating and fun atmosphere.

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    • Get a custom total body workout from your home. We build strength, endurance, and flexibility through dynamic moves and we discuss healthy nutrition. Home training provides convenience and maximizes your time. 

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    • Improve your quality of life through classes that target your core. We focus on strength training, balance, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. Anyone can participate! Our goal is to improve mobility. 

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    • Certifications


      • Rip Trainer Certified
      • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
      • ACE Certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant

      Here are links to sites that I am certified in:

    • Testimonials

    • I have been working with Shannon as my personal trainer for several months. Once I started, I was hooked. She brings a wonderful combination of motivation, understanding, support, humor, warmth and skill to our training. She is a great teacher. The result is that, with her encouragement and ability to make me work hard, I have lost more weight and become fitter than I believed possible. I look forward to each of our sessions. I’ve heard others say, “There are no easy workouts with Shannon,” but they say it with a smile. She meets each of her clients where they are, physically, and gets results while helping them to feel good about their own workouts.

      Lynn Bodi

    • I have tried every weight loss diet and program you can think of, always looking for that quick fix. I decided to give personal training a try and am I ever thankful that I did! Personal training can provide so much, whether it’s simply a jumpstart to your routine or a complete reshaping of your body. Shannon knows exactly the right steps to getting the most out of your workout, and I am 10+ pounds lighter (still losing!) and am stronger and more toned than I ever have been. She’s fun, energetic, compassionate, and will do everything in her power to help you reach your goals. I can’t put into words how grateful I am to Shannon. This is money well spent, going towards a happier life and a better future.

      Erin Lynn

    • "I am a 74 year old woman and have been a client of Shannon's for three or four years. I started working with her in a group TRX class she taught. I benefited from it so much that I started working with her as my personal trainer working out twice a week. I have become so much stronger with better balance, aerobic fitness,and increased flexibility. Her workouts are challenging but also a lot of fun. She incorporates a lot of different apparatus i.e.TRX, ship rope, rip trainer, dumbbells, machines, bands, and exercise balls. And she varies routines using such things as barre and yoga. A friend and I work out together with Shannon and have many laughs along with very challenging sessions. I hope to be able to continue with her for years to come. She keeps me young!"